Daredevil & Spidey by Rafael Kayanan / Tumblr

Ibanez RG with DiMarzio’s (Tone Zone, True Velvet, PAF Joe) 

Mesa Mini Rectifier Twenty Five w/ matching 1x12 slant cab  

Line 6 PODxt Live
plugged into the front because why in the world would I bypass my Mini Rec preamp? POD has amp modeling turned off, mode output set to stack preamp set to 9, back output switch set to “Amp” with volume knob at 11’oclock, pad switched, and wa la my effects board!

Morley Bad Horsie 2  Contour Wah pedal.

Compact package - Big Tone - Joseph~Mary Music

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I dig this dude…

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Truth - original art by “The Worship Project”

Just wanted to let everyone know…even though the original 365 days are over…this project and this dream/community/creative outlet is FAR from over!! I’m going to keep designing/writing/creating for as long as you’ll keep following me and enjoying it.

Exciting news coming soon too - there’s a book and shop in the works - all will be revealed later!

Click here to view the original “365 Worship Project!" that started it all!

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I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.
Jimi Hendrix (via guitar-porn)

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